Dates: 9th & 11th July (4.45pm-5.30pm); 10th & 14th July (10.30pm-11.15pm) and 20th July (8.45pm-9.30pm).
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Venue: Underground Venues
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The Off-Off-Off-Broadway Company

 A masterclass in how to scare an audience." ~ Broadway Baby
 Gripping... A must-see." ~ Three Weeks

Acclaimed theatre troupe The Off-Off-Off-Broadway Company returns to Buxton Fringe with a brand new one-act play, "Peaceful", hailed by critics at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe as "a master-class in how to scare an audience"*.

Based on the real-life tale of Sarah Winchester, the woman responsible for San Jose’s infamous Winchester Mystery House, "Peaceful" stars Laura Louise Baker as Ethel Charles, an old woman living alone in a labyrinthine mansion, hiding from ghosts she believes to be hunting for her. One evening, she invites her contractor Mr Coburn (Polis Loizou) to a seance in her home, held by exotic medium Mr De Villiers (Jaacq Hugo). It seems Ethel wishes to make peace with the dead before she joins them.

But what is it that Ethel has spent a lifetime hiding from inside her rambling house? Will she overcome her fear, or are Coburn and De Villiers using it to their own advantage?

With a script by Polis Loizou ("Hyde", “The Sexes”), subtle sound design and an emphasis on good old-fashioned storytelling, "Peaceful" is a taut piece of New Writing that aims to chill.

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